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From 22 to 30 May 2024, the next edition of the multiparametric BAcIO experiment will be held in Stromboli. BAcIO is the acronym for “Broadband Acquisition and Imaging Operation”. As for the 2023 edition, the new edition will also be held as part of the INGV UNO departmental strategic project. Every year BAcIO brings together specialists in volcano monitoring and observation techniques from all over the world.

The objective of BAcIO is to promote the synergistic use of different measurement techniques in the field, encouraging the sharing of skills and the expansion of our knowledge of eruptive processes. This time too, therefore, as in previous editions, we expect to see a spectacular deployment of multiple systems for image acquisition alongside instruments for recording acoustic, seismic, geochemical and deformation signals.

The focus of the observation will concern various aspects of the eruptive activity of the volcano, such as the dynamics of the eruptive plumes and the ground dispersion of the products expelled from the volcano.