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Il programma PRIN (Progetti di ricerca di Rilevante Interesse Nazionale, bando 1409 del 14-09-2022) è destinato al finanziamento di progetti di ricerca pubblica, al fine di promuovere il sistema nazionale della ricerca, di rafforzare le interazioni tra università ed enti di ricerca in linea con gli obiettivi tracciati dal Piano Nazionale di Ripresa e Resilienza (PNRR) e favorire la partecipazione italiana alle iniziative relative al Programma Quadro di ricerca e innovazione dell’Unione Europea.

I progetti approvati dall’INGV nell’ambito del Bando PRIN 2022 PNRR sono:

  • Deep learning aIded foReshock deteCTIOn Of iNduced mainShocks (DIRECTIONS)
  • MARE - (MARine Energy): assessment of energy production potential from marine waves and currents; a case study from Aegadian archipelago
  • Refine Eruptive Scenarios and Impact reLated to phreatomagmatIc EruptioNs at Campi FlegrEi (Italy) (RESILIENCE)
  • Causes and consequences of deposit-derived pyroclastic density currents.
  • VOLANDO - VOlcanic pLume chAracterization using sounNDing balloOns
  • Carbon Release in A Warming cLimate: a proxy data model comparison for the analysis of past episodes and future scenarios(CRAWL)
  • INtegratioN Of graVimetry And geomaTics technIques fOr mitigatiNg natural hazards: a focus on Aeolian Islands after an extensive field-testing and in-situ validation in Sardinia.
  • Understanding lava tube formation and preservation (TUBES)
  • Relation between 3D Thermo-Rheological model and seismic HAzard for the risk Mitigation in the urban areas of Southern Italy (TRHAM)
  • Multidisciplinary study of nonvolcanic CO2 degassing in the southern Apennines: definition of the buried reservoirs and seeping mechanisms
  • Hydrothermal versus microbial MEthane release From very shallow coastal systems: can differently sourced emISsions direcTly escape intO the atmosphere? (MEFISTO)
  • Multidisciplinary Investigations of the Seismogenic Structure of Casamicciola area (Ischia Island) - MISS Casamicciola.
  • Natural Hydrogen for Energy trAnsiTion (NHEAT)
  • ANTILIPSI: A multidisciplinary approach for aNalysis and percepTion of envIronmentaL and natural rIsks for enhanced social awarenesses in Part of Southern Italy
  • Artificial Intelligence for the automatic interpretation of Ground Penetrating Radar data for subsoil risk assessment and disaster management (AI4Dite)
  • FIN4GEO: Forward and Inverse Numerical Modeling of hydrothermal systems in volcanic regions with application to geothermal energy exploitation
  • GAIA - Geomorphological and hydrogeological vulnerability of Italian coastal areas in response to sea levelrise and marine extreme events
  • PLAstic Transport due to waves and currents ON Emerged and submerged beaches (PLATONE)
  • INSIGHT. Integrating geological data and Numerical SImulations for hiGH resolution assessment of volcanic ash dispersalin the Central Mediterranean: a Tool for understanding past impacts and raising preparedness
  • HEATED - PHreatic Eruptions at AcTive volcanoEs: processes, source parameters and physical models of eruption Dynamics.
  • PROVES: an integrated PetRO-Volcanological monitoring approach applied to Mt. Etna and Stromboli.
  • Study of active seismogenetic sources in the Calabrian arc for an upgrade of the seismic hazard.
  • On the dynamics of the Adria plate: a natural laboratory for multiple subduction systems (AdriaLab)
  • CRUStal CArbon: exploring the role of the crust in the C cycle (CRUSCA)
  • The Seismic Cycle under HydrOThermal conditions: experimenTAl, analytical and modeling studies.
  • Study of multiple drivers of the North ATlantic decadal climate variability in a large ensemble of Century-long (1866-2015)historical Ocean ReAnalyses (NAT-CORA)
  • Multi-layEr approaCh to detect and analyze cOastal aggregation of MAcRo-plastic littEr (ECOMARE)
  • ARtificial Intelligence and STOchasTic simulation for the rEsiLience of critical infrastructurES (ARISTOTELES)
  • Marshlands, islands and marine coasts. Social complexities, tribal alliances and human mobility between Southern Mesopotamia and Eastern, South-Eastern Arabia during the 3rd and 2nd millennium

    Elenco PRIN-PNRR