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WP1 - Instrumentation and new data acquisition (Sofia De Gregorio)

In this WP new acquisition networks for atmospheric parameters and geophysical parameters will be set up. 


Task 1. Meteorological data (Paolo Madonia)


A new acquisition network of air temperature and atmospheric pressure will be set up on Etna, Salina and Vesuvio and in the external control area of Palermo (Sicily). It will consist of one couple of stations in each site, to be installed one at the base and the other one close to the top of the volcanoes (or the main elevation of the area). 


Task 2. Geomagnetic data (Achille Zirizzotti)


Maintenance of the automatic instrumentation for geomagnetic field measurements will be carried out at the INGV geomagnetic observatory in Lampedusa and at the geomagnetic station in Gagliano (EN).


Task 3. Ground-level geophysical and geochemical parameters (Sofia De Gregorio)


Instruments for measuring telluric currents, groundwater and soil geochemical parameters will be deployed.