Emanuela de Beni and Massimo Cantarero are the volcanologists of the “Flyeye” group of INGV, Etna Observatory. This is the name that "our" drone operators have given to their operational group, aware of the fact that it is their "eye in the sky" (the drone) that allows them to collect spectacular footage of active volcanoes. Emanuela (Mela for everyone) and Massimo fly the drone regularly to carry out surveys on Mount Etna, but they willingly put their expertise at the service of the UNO Project to study the Stromboli volcano. As part of this project, Mela and Massimo have therefore completed several survey campaigns on Stromboli, and the data they have collected have allowed them to document in detail some aspects of the recent activity of this volcano. We present here a video collected by Flyeye on 19 October 2023. Taken off from an altitude of 400 meters on the side of the volcano, in the video sequence the drone rises to altitude and shows us the upper sector of the Sciara del Fuoco and the degassing summit craters.