Colleagues from the Sapienza University in Rome and from the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich (Germany) are actively contributing to the UNO project. These colleagues are cutting-edge experts in the field of explosive basaltic volcanism, in the development of innovative tecniques for the observation and quantification of the explosive volcaninc processes, and in the modeling of magma rise.

The UNO project is strengthening the existing collaborations, and several project targets have been assigned as the subject of master's and doctoral theses currently underway

International collaborations

Three international collaborations active within the project :


Ludwig Maximilian University, Monaco di Baviera, Germania

Ulrich Kueppers, Corrado Cimarelli, Valeria Cigala

Physical parameterization through imaging-lightning detection

Finanziamento LMU


National History Museum of London, Gran Bretagna

Chiara Maria Petrone

The 3 July 2019 paroxysm at Stromboli volcano (Italy): is Stromboli playing by new rules?

Finanziamento NERC


ETH-ZURICH Ben Ellis, Svizzera

Petrochemical features of time-series eruptions at Stromboli