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UNO is a multidisciplinary project encompassing a variety of activities spanning from extensive field work on the volcano to the numerical simulation of the volcanic processes. 30 researchers are working on the UNO project, and they are arranged in the following 3 Research Units (RU)


RU1 (also includes personnel affiliated to OV and ONT):

The research in this RU include: i) the activity of physical parameterization of the explosive activity, including the development of the semi automatic data acquisition system (WP1a), ii) the realization of the automatic ash sampler (WP2a), iii) analyses and experiments in HPHT lab and other institutions (WP2c), iv) modeling of Stromboli topography from satellite data (WP3a), v) the activities related to drones (WP3c), vi) the development of the data server (WP4).