We have already introduced the Flyeye group of drone operators from INGV Catania (link here). We certainly couldn't forget to give space to the other formidable group of drone operators who (also) operate within the UNO departmental project. Here is a splendid sequence of shots captured at Stromboli by Tullio Ricci and Riccardo Civico, the drone operators (but not only!) affiliated to the "Roma 1" section of the INGV. “Tullio and Ric” have been using their drones for years for a wide variety of investigations. In fact, they are not specialized only in surveying volcanic areas (in Italy and abroad), but have carried out extensive drone surveys to quantify the effects of the strongest earthquakes that recently struck Italy. The video presented here shows some spectacular explosions occurred between 7 and 8 October 2023 at the summit craters of the Stromboli volcano. Between 00:53 and 01:17 the shots were taken with a thermal camera. Many thanks to Tullio and Ric for the fantastic footage!